Articles by Gene C. Colman

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Child Custody & Access

Report from Glenn Cheriton Re 2nd International Conference on Shared Parenting
Leading the "Right" Evidence in Your Custody - Access Case
Custody/Access Assessments
Joint Custody Case Summaries From 2001
Mobility Rights
Miss Access Twice and it is Suspended

Overnight Access for Young Children

Child Support

Can Child Support Arrears be Cancelled?
Child Support Enforcement
Child Support from Third Parties

Child Support Guidelines

A Critical Analysis of the Contino Case, quoted favourably by the Supreme Court of Canada
Second Families and the CSG - A Call For Reform
Variation under the Child Support Guidelines
"Undue Hardship" produces conflicting decisions
Overview of the Guidelines circa. 1996

Family Law & Taxes

Family Law & Taxes

Fathers' Rights

An Introduction to Fathers' Rights

Gender Bias

Religion, State, Gender Equality, and Damages for Court Order Breach
Gender Bias: Where Are We?
Gender Bias in the Family Courts of Canada: FACT OR FANTASY?

Parental Alienation

Colman's Parental Alienation Research
General Parental Alienation Information
Parental Alienation Cases

Paternity Fraud

Paternity Fraud in Ontario

Pension Division

Fuss About Pensions - Practical Advice
Pension Reform - Watch Out!

Procedural Fairness

Practice Tips For Courthouses Throughout Ontario
Ontario's Family Law Rules and Justice Accessability - Are There Solutions?
Procedural Fairness Perspective from a former Alberta Lawyer, by Grant Brown
Chand v. Chand * - Procedural Fairness Under Attack
Procedural Fairness and Case Conferences
Procedural Fairness Essential in Family Law Cases

Spousal Support

Emerging Trends in Spousal Support - Part I
Emerging Trends in Spousal Support - Part II
Emerging Trends in Spousal Support - Part III


Good News for Guys: Three Victories at Court for Men
Damages for Very Bad Behaviour
Jewish Marriage & Ontario Law
Marriage & Ontario Law
A Marriage Contract: Why?