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It is difficult to predict the challenges or events that life may present, especially when it comes to family matters. Whether you are going through a contested divorce, fighting for parental rights or dealing with spousal support matters, the Toronto complex divorce lawyers at Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre are uniquely qualified to represent you.

I was impressed with your knowledge and skills as it pertains to the family courts. You take on your cases with a methodical approach. This is a valuable quality considering the overwhelming amount of information that is involved in a family matter.
Rob - Hamilton, Ont.

We are passionate about helping people resolve their family legal matters. Contact our Toronto family lawyers online or call 1-888-389-3099 to schedule a meeting to discuss your situation.

We keep up with the law

We are Toronto family law lawyers who stay current with the law. Our lawyers attend many continuing legal education courses so that we all keep up with the law. At our lunch meetings each attendee shares with the rest of of the firm what she/he has learned. See our Blog Post section to check out our ongoing commentary on developments in family law. For example -

Dedicated Representation in All Areas of Family Law

If you are going through a family legal matter and wish to obtain optimal results, the Toronto custody and support lawyers at our North York family law firm can assist you. If your situation requires aggressive litigation, we provide the experience and knowledge of a highly reputable family lawyer who will fight for your best interests whether in court or in alternative dispute resolution. We can represent you in a wide range of family law matters, including:

Family law: We can help you with marital, parental, financial and other legal concerns.

Child custody and access: We will work to ensure that parents and children continue to have a relationship with one another

Fathers' rights: We are dedicated to fighting for equal parenting rights for dads in Ontario.

Gender bias: We work to fight prejudice and stereotypes of gender roles in Ontario courts.

Parental alienation: We will work to resolve problems and find creative solutions when parents have had their children turned against them.

Child welfare: We help parents who are unjustly targeted by a children's aid society.

Spousal support: We will interpret the Canada Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines so you know how much you could possibly be required to pay or receive, and will pursue your best interests and strive for fair solutions.

Child support: We will help you navigate the Child Support Guidelines and will diligently represent your side.

High income child support and spousal support: Support issues can get complicated quickly when a spouse has high income and substantial assets. We will help guide you through the process.

Protecting business owners: Equalization of net family property under the Ontario Family Law Act can be complicated when a business is involved. We will work diligently to try to protect your investment and make sure that your business is valued fairly under the Act.

Protecting professional practices: When professionals such as dentists, doctors and lawyers go through a divorce, the value of their professional practice (as fixed by the court) may be part of a property division (or "equalization of net family property"). We do our utmost to help you protect what you have spent a lifetime building.

Pension division: We will help you to ensure that new laws re pension valuation and division are fairly and accurately applied to your pension whether it is a defined benefit or defined contribution type of pension.

Marriage contracts: We can help you protect your future and your assets through the drafting of a sound prenuptial agreement that must be supported by independent legal representation and full financial disclosure.

Paternity fraud: We represent fathers in matters involving paternity fraud.

Mediation: We can use this less contentious method to help you reach an amicable agreement outside of the courtroom.

Blog Posts: We have many blog posts that provide more recent information with respect to the various family law areas.

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We are committed to helping you resolve your family law legal matters. Contact our Toronto complex divorce lawyers online or call 1-888-389-3099 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.