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For more than 30 years, Gene C. Colman has assisted mothers and fathers in establishing and modifying child support agreements. A respected authority in the area, Mr. Colman's criticisms of the child support system and landmark cases have led to significant changes to Canada's child support laws. Issues involving children and money can quickly become contested. At our law firm, we will diligently pursue your interests and needs until we obtain optimal results.

Gene stressed that he wanted what was best for the children, while at the same time gaining a fair and equitable solution to the conflict.
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Ontario Child Support Guidelines

Child support in Canada is mainly based upon the income of the person who is obligated to pay child support and the number of children the payer is supporting. The guidelines provide direction when there is a deviation from the normal circumstances, such as unique custody and access arrangements. The guidelines also address situations in which the residential time is approximately equal and, in these cases, special rules apply.

In order to understand and correctly apply the child support guidelines, it is important to consult with a lawyer who has in-depth experience with Canada's complex child support laws. Speak to Gene C. Colman, a reputable Toronto child support lawyer, in order to protect your rights and pursue the best arrangement for your child. We can help you establish initial child support obligations and make child support modifications and variations.

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