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When one parent convinces a child to turn against the other parent, it is an extremely sad and unfortunate situation. Sometimes referred to as parental alienation, this method of manipulation is used by parents during a contested divorce and causes untold grief to the child and the alienated parent. The importance of a child having positive relationships with both parents is undeniable. Therefore, when a child is being brainwashed to dislike or rebel against a parent, what is usually required is fast and resolute court action.

Mr. Colman's courteous and direct advocacy for me in court helped me not only to gain more access but solved other areas of conflict and, I believe, prevented many future legal conflicts.
Chris - Pickering, Ont.

If your child is slipping away from you, contact Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre. Our top family lawyer will meet with you in a consultation, identify your options, and work to bring you and your child back together emotionally, as well as legally.

Child Brainwashing in Ontario

Cases involving child brainwashing and parental hostility are difficult and emotionally trying. Many alienated parents come to Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre feeling hopeless with nowhere to turn after they have been denied child access. Our team is committed to understanding the details of your situation, identifying your legal options and helping you re-establish a positive relationship with your children.

At Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre, we have significant experience reuniting parents and children, and we understand how to present these complex custody dispute cases in court. Parental alienation has received increasing attention throughout the legal system and in the press. We will leverage this new awareness to ensure that your relationship with your child is not destroyed.

Techniques such as positively reinforcing children for making negative statements about a parent, and encouraging lying and rebelling, must be stopped. Additionally, when a hostile and aggressive parent prevents another parent from seeing the children in violation of a parenting plan, legal action must be taken to enforce the child custody and access agreement or court order.

Have You Become Separated From Your Children by a Hostile Parent and Former Spouse? We Can Help Protect Your Rights and Access to Your Children.

Speak to our Toronto parental alienation lawyer as soon as possible if you believe your child is being turned against you or if you are afraid that kidnapping is a possibility. Contact us today to learn more during an initial consultation.

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