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Canada Family Law Links

Canada Department of Justice

This portal leads to three useful resources: Child Support, Family Violence and Parenting After Divorce.

Canadian Children's Rights Council

A non-profit, non-governmental organization that prides itself on providing information about violations of children's rights in Canada while advocating for the solutions. Check out their "paternity fraud" section. Cutting edge.

Canadian Family Resource Centre

This is the family law web site of Garfin, Zeidenberg and John T. Sytrash of Toronto. This site actually consists of two sites - one for general family law information and the other for matters connected with International child abduction. The latter has a great storehouse of timely and effective information with respect to child abduction including a summary of the main principles and practices found in some key jurisdictions worldwide. The two sites are well organized and the content is second to none. This site is highly recommended.

Canadian Journal of Family Law

For those who read my c.v. at this site, you will know that I have been very involved in years past with this journal. Naturally, it still holds a place dear to my heart and I am still proud to serve on its Advisory Board. Can. J. Fam. L. now has a small web site.


Their aim is to support grandmothers, grandfathers, and Kinship families to maintain or re-establishing family ties. Here you will find some answers to frequently asked questions concerning legal and health issues, as well as practical help for those Kin raising children and grandchildren.

Carey Linde

This British Columbia lawyer appears to be particularly sensitive to the concerns of non custodial parents. All too often, we lawyers do not fully appreciate the depth of emotion endured by the non-custodial parent; Carey Linde understands and specializes in assisting such individuals - male and female.

Children With Two Homes

Lucien Khodeir is an expert in the Child Support Guidelines. Go to his site and check out his myth shattering book. His analysis is absolutely amazing. Read and learn.


My favourite software provider for all one's family law needs when it comes to financial statements, support projections, pension estimates of value, etc. etc. etc. These people are on the cutting edge of everything that is new and exciting in family law in Canada today. They even have some time limited trial downloads of their popular software.

Family Law in Ontario

The Law Society of Upper Canada has provided an excellent resource that provides essential information for those experiencing separation or divorce.  They explain family law terms, provide information for conducting certain procedures, and even provide resources for children to access.  This site is particularly well suited for those who are self represented.

Fathers Are Capable Too ( F.A.C.T.)

This is a 'not for profit men's rights organization' with weekly meetings in Toronto. The male perspective on separation and divorce is presented here under the rubric of "gender equality". This organization advocates the goal of treating both sexes equally in the courts. There is practical advice to dads, Family Responsibility Office and Case history horror stories, and much more. For those dads who are separating or divorcing, this site is worth a visit.

Fathers for Justice

Otherwise known as F4J, the corresponding group in the U.K. has caught hold of the imagination of fathers' rights activists around the world through a series of non violent high profile events (such as mounting buildings, cranes and bridges dressed as superheroes).

Joel Miller's Family Law Centre

Many resources at this site.

Kids 'n' Dad

This is an excellent Kitchener, Ontario based cite providing top notch resources for divorced/separated dads. From their home page: "Kids 'n' Dad believes that our responsibility is to work with fathers and families to ensure that a dad's desire to be a continuing parenting partner post-separation is realized for the short and long term benefit of the whole family."

Klein Law Office

Marty Klein's well organized site.

National Shared Parenting Association

Lawrence S. Pascoe Home Page

Lawrence Pascoe is a dedicated family law lawyer in Nepean, Ontario who has put together some very good summaries of the law which are directed principally towards the lay person. If you are contemplating separation or divorce and live in Ontario, then this is an excellent place to surf in order to obtain pertinent family law information as it applies in the province of Ontario.

Protecting Canadian Children

This site advocates for change within the child welfare system.


United States Family Law Links

Find child custody lawyers or law firms that handle all areas of child custody cases. Including custody orders, direct income withholding, interstate cases and spousal support.

Dads Divorce

This site is absolutely fantastic! If you are a dad (or a mom) and need information re family law in the U.S.A., this is the place. There are numerous links to cutting edge analysis of the family law system - generally from a dad's perspective. Many of these articles will have application across the States, Canada and elsewhere. Highly recommended.

This is a comprehensive site packed full of good information and many links.

Family Law - Articles and News - Index for Lawyers Worldwide

Richard E. Crouch is a very prolific family law author. He has many articles at this site dealing with myriad aspects of American and Virginian family law.

Family Law Advisor

Many articles are here on all aspects of divorce. There is a state by state resource directory. No listing for Canada! It is a very popular cite.

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement Home Page

Do you need information on what's new in child support enforcement across the United States? Visit this site.

F.R.E.E. (The Fathers' Rights & Equality Exchange)

Its mission statement says that "both fathers and mothers should share equally in the parenting and support of their children." It also says that this organization is not an "angry men's" one but merely seeks to forcefully address the problems and concerns of single fathers through support, education and legislation. The web site has useful information (mostly American) on issues affecting its constituents. There are a number of links to other sites which naturally focus on family law from a man's perspective.

Full Custody Battle

Books and manuals that take you through hiring an lawyer, mediation, evaluations, home study, and court. Hand holding when you want it, and a little shove when you need it and hundreds of options to help you through the challenges you face during a child custody battle.

Hieros Gamos - The Comprehensive Legal Site - Guide To Family Law

There are many links to a wide variety of Family Law sites around the world including a number of Canadian sites.

Houston Divorce Lawyer

Carl Selesky settles child custody, child support settlements, alimony, property distribution and visitation. There are some interesting points at this web site. For example, we learn that there are serious limitations to spousal support eligibility in Texas; check out the home page for more info.

International Divorce Law Office (New York)

Legal services specifically tailored for people with international family law issues.

Jared Laskin

Jared Laskin provides representation in "palimony" cases and business litigation matters to clients in Southern California. Laskin has some interesting articles with respect to the implications of living with another person.

Parental Alienation Information Network

If you are an alienated target parent, you must visit this site today.


United Kingdom Family Law Links

Shared Parenting Information Group

This site is well organized and is packed with useful information on shared parenting. Highly recommended.

Divorce Solicitors Leeds

Mcaras Solicitors - Specialist divorce solicitors based in Leeds - West Yorkshire - experts in child disputes and matrimonial law.


Australia Family Law Links

Non-Custodial Parents Party

Believe it or not in Australia there is a registered political party that emphasizes family law issues.