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Access to Justice Network

A well organized resource centre for Canadian legal links. There is information and lots of it re various areas of the law. From the general tone, the intended audience are lay people.

The Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C. - Legal Links

Another well organized launch point to explore Canadian legal links.

The Law Society of Upper Canada

Bob Klotz

Information on Bankruptcy

Ontario Courts Web Site

Cases, cases and more cases. Some Rules too.

Osgoode Hall Law School

My school

Karen Selick

Lawyer, columnist, creative thinker, thought provoker, common sense person - - - Visit Karen Selick's site for a breath of legal fresh air.

Volunteer Lawyers Service (VLS)

Not for profit and charitable organizations that are short on funds can access this most commendable public service provided by Ontario lawyers.

United States Links

Plaintiff Funding - Offers lawsuit funding for personal injury victims awaiting settlement. These people evaluate your personal injury claim and then, if they believe you have a meritorious case, they advance funds to tide you over. If your law suit fails, you pay back nothing. (There are some up front fees.) The cost is steep but if there is no other alternative, it merits consideration in consultation with your personal injury lawyer.

Litigation Support Services

High Impact Litigation offers litigation support services. They have degreed graphic designers, medical illustrators, and animators. They say that they are nationally known for creating dramatic presentations that get results.

Resources for Lawyers

From their home page: "If you are you looking for legal or lifestyle resources you will find them here. This directory is listed for lawyers, lawyers and the internet community. If you need information to assist you in running your law practice or managing your life, click on one of the links below in order to find the information you are seeking." The information provided at this site is American only.