Advocates Daily dot com has highlighted my contemplation of the grandparent/grandchild access conundrum.    I hope that these articles will provide much needed inspiration for all of us to seriously consider the harm that is done to grandchildren.  It's not just a simple matter of judges stepping in.  We need a profound change in societal attitudes, a "sea change" or "sea shift" if you will.  These cases need to be resolved by all of us  - and that should ideally be outside of court where at all possible. 

Here are the links:

Grandparents often 'collateral damage' in divorce

Courts need to be more 'activist' in protecting grandparent rights: Colman

Grandparents should be peacemakers, not troublemakers: Colman  


I strongly believe that all grandparents should have equal access to their grandchildren. If we want our society which is the future generations to properly balance (hypothetically speaking …. put equal tire pressures on your front wheels to prevent the car from swerving ). The children who do not have equal or near to equal grandparenting tends to be weak in their upbringing both in schools and socially. I have witnessed many many school children seems to be lost or absent minded cause their peers are well balanced mentally . Our society MUST address these simple symptoms if we want this world to be well balanced and disciplined

Grandparents see the future of the children and can assist to guide the children to become a better person. They are a menthor for both parents and children.

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