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Ontario grandparents seeking custody or access to their grandchildren

The grandparent-grandchild relationship is often strong and affectionate, but a grandparent can also provide guidance, emotional support, and a sense of family history and culture to a grandchild. These important ties can be interrupted when parents of those grandchildren separate or divorce. Ontario law gives grandparents the option to seek custody of or access to their grandchildren in situations like these.

Dad cuts access to grandma: Ontario Superior Court says NO

This 2019 child custody/access grandparent case - Ninkovic v. Utjesinovic - comes from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The case is a good example of how the court may overturn a parent's decision and allow access to a grandparent.


Advocates Daily dot com has highlighted my contemplation of the grandparent/grandchild access conundrum.    I hope that these articles will provide much needed inspiration for all of us to seriously consider the harm that is done to grandchildren.  It's not just a simple matter of judges stepping in.  We need a profound change in societal attitudes, a "sea change" or "sea shift" if you will.  These cases need to be resolved by all of us  - and that should ideally be outside of court where at all possible. 

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