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Family law solutions that protect your legal rights and financial interests.

We apply ourselves in a diligent manner that encompasses forethought, strategy and careful execution. We rely upon Gene C. Colman’s 40 years of family law experience. We understand how to best apply the legal process to your individual situation in order to efficiently pursue optimal results.


Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre plainly and proudly advocates for:

  • Fair financial settlements for high net worth individuals and others
  • Maintain and enhance parent/child relationships
  • Children’s rights
  • Procedural fairness

Located in Toronto, Ontario, we help you develop your legal position on what matters most to you, and outline the route you will need to take to maximize your chances of achieving your goals as soon as possible.

As a client, you won’t experience a lawyer going through the standard step-by-step motions of a divorce or separation case.

COMPLEX DIVORCE AND SEPARATIONS: High-Value Assets And Cross-Border Disputes

The valuation and division of complex assets – such as business ownership, corporate shares and pensions – require a more nuanced legal eye. Gene C. Colman has a solid understanding of and experience with complicated divorce and separation proceedings, and the options you have to protect these assets.

Under his leadership, we advocate for a fair and reasonable solution while being sensitive to the emotional distress that you are enduring.

The Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre is also prepared to handle the complexities of cross-border and inter-jurisdictional family law issues.

With a thorough understanding of Ontario and Canadian family law legislation,

we understand how the law applies to you if you reside outside Canada.


Gene C. Colman’s family law practice extends far beyond the courtroom.

He is a published author (favourably cited by the Supreme Court of Canada) and an avid thought leader in the area of equal parenting rights and procedural fairness.

What Our Clients Say:

“Our encounter with Gene and his superb team was worth every penny. We are truly blessed to have met Gene, and want to thank him for his outstanding contribution in assisting us keep our family whole.”– TW

What Our Clients Say:

“Our encounter with Gene and his superb team was worth every penny. We are truly blessed to have met Gene, and want to thank him for his outstanding contribution in assisting us keep our family whole.”– TW

Gene C. Colman understands that in many cases, fathers face an unfair struggle for equal parenting time and responsibilities. As a father of seven children, and a veteran of many cases, he understands the benefits of a child having a meaningful relationship with both parents.

Does this make him only a father’s lawyer? At the Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre, we represent any parent whose rights and concerns are unfairly threatened. Whether you are a father or a mother, we pursue strategies for your individual situation that enables both sides, and your children, to move forward with comfort and dignity.

Equal Parenting Council
Equal Parenting Council

As an advocate for parent’s and children’s rights to maintain and nurture family relationships, Gene C. Colman is one of the leaders in the movement to advance amendments to federal Bill C-78. Colman proposes that there be enshrined in law a rebuttable presumption for Equal Shared Parenting.

Click this link to learn about the old bill, or click the links to the left to learn about the new bill.

The devastating effects of parental alienation

Too often, divorcing spouses let their emotions about each other cloud their judgment as parents. In this environment, some parents resort to actions that can cause significant damage to a child. One example of this is parental alienation. Parental alienation involves...

Divorced Parents

Gene C. Colman publishes articles in various legal publications. His legal insight is sought out on television, radio, in print and online. Learn more about his passion and motivation for fair treatment for both parents and children in divorce and separation cases.

Equal Shared Parenting


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