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Employment Opportunities

There are currently two positions open.  Law Clerk/Legal Assistant and Associate Lawyer


(This position posted on December 8, 2022)


The Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre is searching for a dedicated law clerk/legal assistant who will step up to help us with a variety of both administrative and substantive duties such as court filings, arranging services for clients, speaking with clients, assisting with financial disclosure and much, much more.

Mentoring: We offer great mentoring from our knowledgeable, dynamic and dedicated lawyers. Kulbir Vaid started here as many years ago as a Legal Assistant/Law Clerk while she completed her LL.M., articled here and then became a lawyer. Kimberley Pitre started here as a Law Clerk after meeting our team at the Humber College Networking breakfast. She now knows everything about how this office operates as well as the ins and outs of dealing with court offices. Kim can share that wealth of information with you. Jenny Kirshen and Gloria Antwi are seasoned lawyers with over six years of experience. Kevin Roche and Nasar Iqbal (an affiliated associate of our team) are our newest additions who have an incredible amount of knowledge and dedication, and they are eager to share their experience with our young Law Clerks.

Work Environment: We are covid conscious and remain a cloud and zoom based firm. All files are 100% electronic. We foster via zoom meetings, group chat and group email a very pleasant and collegial work environment where you will improve your skills, learn new skills, and forge supportive relationships with a dedicated team.

Professional Development: We enjoy a robust in-house CLE program centered around virtual firm lunches. We attend outside courses as well.

Salary and Benefits: We have a great extended health package after three months of employment. Starting salary is based upon experience and skill level. There is room for advancement.

Law Clerk/Legal Assistant Opportunity: We currently have a Law Clerk, but we are looking for extra help. Gain experience under a team of dedicated lawyers and our Law Clerk. Our Law Clerk will be your guide so that you too can succeed in this demanding role.

Not just a job: It’s not just a job; it’s a unique steppingstone to a satisfying career.

What do we want in a Law Clerk/Legal Assistant/Student Volunteer?

Does Family Law interest you? Have you retained at least a good part of what you learned about family law at your Law Clerk college? To succeed at our firm, you need to have a genuine interest in family law. And/or you have solid family law experience.

Typing: You need good typing speed to take notes during consultations. You then have to expeditiously organize those notes after the initial consultation into a comprehensive and professional and very presentable memorandum. That takes “smarts” and not just typing speed. We’ll help you; you need the enthusiasm and stick to it-ness to get the job done.

Friendly Demeanour: You will have a lot of contact with prospective/actual clients, other law offices and court offices. You need to be friendly, enthusiastic, helpful and solution oriented.

Programs: If you have at least the basics in Accounting Software, Microsoft and Divorcemate, we will help you reach higher levels of competency and fluency.

Law Clerk Tasks: We will show you how to competently prepare Financial Statements, N.F.P. Statements and Financial Disclosure Briefs. Are you currently able or do you aspire to actually draft Applications, Motions, Affidavits, Conference Briefs, etc? Interested in assisting one of our Associate Lawyers with an upcoming trial? If so, we are happy to mentor you to achieve even higher levels of competence and economic value to the firm. You show us your enhanced economic value to the firm and we will reward you with enhanced financial compensation. In short, at our firm there is ample room “to grow” in many ways.

Keep our files in order: We pride ourselves in the high level of organization to our files. Help us keep the files organized by filing letters, emails and other documents in the right place. We’ll show you how.

Management: Are you the managerial type? If so, we have room to entrust you with managerial responsibilities.

We are committed; are you?: We offer great training and encouragement. We seek a Law Clerk who shares our dedication and would jump at this opportunity to truly develop his/her career in family law.

Who is Gene C. Colman? Gene C. Colman was called to the bar in 1979. His academic and professional life (from 2nd year law school) has been dedicated to family law. He actually started the Canadian Journal of Family Law while at law school. He was part of the core groups that founded the Canadian Equal Parenting Council and Lawyers for Shared Parenting. He has published many legal papers, has been counsel in precedent setting cases, and he is a passionate advocate for procedural fairness and equal shared parenting. The issues in the majority of our cases tends to reflect our core values of achieving equal shared parenting, struggling against “parental alienation”, ensuring procedural fairness and above all protecting the rights of kids to enjoy their family relationships.. There is really never a dull moment.
Be a part of a dedicated team doing high quality work.

Application Process:

Here is what we would like to see from you:

1. C.V.
2. Cover letter – Go ahead. Convince us why you are the one whom we need!
3. Academic Transcripts
4. References
5. Writing sample would be an advantage

If you hand to us your C.V. today, then feel free to follow up with a Cover Letter and the other documents that we would like to see. Send your documents to

Should the day arrive when we can once again safely operate under one roof, please note that The Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre will once again be a smoke-free and scent free environment.


Our small Toronto (North York) Boutique Family Law Firm (five lawyers) requires someone who works well as part of a cohesive team and has an excellent work ethic.

We are looking for a competent, knowledgeable and dedicated family law lawyer.  You have already demonstrated your abilities across a range of family law issues.  Our principles are your principles: equal shared parenting, procedural fairness, empathy, and high quality of client service.  You already know very well how to draft pleadings, motions and briefs.  You are comfortable presenting arguments in court.  Your writing skills are top notch.  Your goal is excellence.  Yet, you want to do better.  Therefore, the opportunity to receive mentorship from a very senior family law practitioner would be perfect for you.

Have we captured your attention? If so, read on….


1. Camaraderie: Be really enthusiastic, eager to learn, and enjoy the camaraderie of a cohesive, united team.

2. Work Environment: When we are able to reopen our comfortable home office after the pandemic disappears – note that we are smoke and scent free.  In the meantime, we are a cloud and zoom based firm.  All files are 100% electronic.

3. Location: We all work remotely.  You can be located anywhere in Ontario until the pandemic disappears.

4.Compensation: Collected fee split.  We have an extended health plan.

Here’s how you apply:

1. Cover Letter: Put together a really upbeat cover letter. Convince us that you are “the” person for this particular position.

2. Other Documents: Show us your academic transcripts, your c.v., your diploma or degree and any references that you might have on hand. (We find references from opposing counsel particularly persuasive.) Please attach these as separate pdfs.

3. To apply: Send an email with all attached materials to

4. More Information?: If you want more information, feel free to reach out via email to and one of our team members will get back to you.

December 8, 2022

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