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What will happen to our pets in our divorce?

A divorce does not just affect the two parties ending a marriage. Numerous people are affected by others' splits, including the couple's children, in-laws and close friends.

And don't forget the furry, feathered companions. When owners split up, they must decide what will happen to their pets. This can be a surprisingly complicated and upsetting process for a few reasons.

Three ways a prenuptial agreement (marriage contract) can benefit your marriage

If you are planning a wedding, the ideas of individual wealth preservation and life after divorce may not exactly be on your radar. If they are, you might feel guilty about discussing a prenuptial agreement, also known in Ontario as a "marriage contract".  (Unmarried couples can also enter into a "Cohabitation Agreement".  Much of what we write here can apply in that situation as well.)

However, rather than think about this contract as something uncomfortable or upsetting, it might help if you consider the following ways that discussing and seriously considering a prenup or marriage contract can actually benefit your marriage.

Prioritizing my child during custody and access court conflict

Children may experience a great deal of stress and emotional challenges when parents divorce. Child custody and access cases are certainly most challenging for parents and their children.  Children often must adapt to new living arrangements, and they may be struggling with anger and confusion. As parents, you have a great deal of influence over how your child navigates this difficult time.

One of the most valuable things you can do to help your child during and after divorce is making them your priority. 

Child support issues any parent could face

After divorce or separation, Canadian laws require both parents to continue to provide for a child financially. Children are entitled to this money, and it can be critical to their well-being. Child support ensures a child receives things like a safe home, clothes, school supplies and other expenses required to raise a child.

Unfortunately, support arrangements are not always easy to secure or maintain. There are several situations in which child support could create problems.

Should I communicate with my ex during a divorce?

Divorce is a process; for some, it is a lengthy process. And during that time, other aspects of life continue normally. Kids still go to school; mortgages still need to be paid; our health and well-being still require attention.

For many divorcing spouses, this means that there will still be a need to communicate about things related to – and not related to – a divorce. To keep these occurrences from creating more problems, consider the following tips.

Expensive mistakes to avoid in your divorce

There are numerous financial components of a divorce, from having to sell a house to paying child support. These can be unavoidable.

However, there are some choices people make that result in unnecessary spending and financial loss. Minimizing these missteps can help parties save money during their divorce.

Don't believe these 5 statements during a divorce

When people divorce, they often have inaccurate information about the process. After all, much of the information people have come from TV, movies or divorced loved ones. It can be biased, misrepresented or sensationalised. 

With this in mind, if you are going through a divorce, there are certain statements that you may not want to take at face value. 

You don't need to be perfect to parent

During a child custody dispute, parents are under a microscope. Everything they have done or said, and anything they have failed to do or say, could come up. Further, personal shortcomings can be used as a weapon by a vindictive ex.

Realizing this can make any parent panic. You might worry that you will not appear to be a good parent, or that you will lose time with your child because of some indiscretions in your past. However, the fact is that there is no expectation of perfection when it comes to parenting. So, what are the expectations? 

Mediation: Four critical things to know about the process

Divorce is often portrayed as a bitter, dragged out battle that pits people against each other and ends with a loser and a winner. But while the process may not be enjoyable, it does not have to look like this.  There are alternative methods of dispute resolution.

Options like mediation make it possible for couples to divorce in a more peaceful, amicable manner, which can appeal to people hoping to get through a divorce as smoothly and cooperatively as possible. That said, there are things every person should know before settling on or deciding against mediating divorce-related matters.

Striking a balance between work and a parenting plan

After divorce or separation, many parents remain active participants in raising their children. However, challenges can arise if you share child custody and work. 

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to make this adjustment a little easier. 

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