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Toronto Fathers’ Rights Lawyers

A pioneer in the field of fathers’ rights in Canada, Gene C. Colman identifies with the struggle that many fathers go through when attempting to gain equal parenting rights. Not only was Mr. Colman instrumental in forming the Canadian Equal Parenting Council, but the lawyers at our firm understand the very personal issues and struggles that affect fathers within Canada’s and particularly Ontario’s family law system.

(Gene is) an honourable, kind, family man who values the relationships of children and both parents, not just one parent.
A grateful grandmother and father – Langley, B.C.

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To speak with a family lawyer who is dedicated to pursuing equal rights for fathers and protecting the interests of children, contact Gene C. Colman today.


Many fathers will turn to google to search for someone that will stick up for their parental rights. If you search “Fathers’ Rights” on google, you will get many “hits”.

What tools/questions can assist fathers to make the right choice for the right lawyer? Do those hits provide positive proof that those lawyers support father friendly positions?

Some lawyers might present themselves as advocates for fathers’ rights and frankly, we do hope that they are. But are they actively involved in the advocacy movement with respect to those rights? Do they truly have a desire to challenge outdated norms that male litigants experience in the family law system?

If you are a father looking for a lawyer to advance your children’s rights to enjoy a decent relationship with both parents, consider asking the following questions:

  1. Is the lawyer a member of the Canadian Equal Parenting Council?
  2. Is the lawyer a member of Lawyers for Shared Parenting?
  3. Does the lawyer have a history of speaking out publicly about issues that are of importance to fathers, such as Equal Shared Parenting?
  4. Has the lawyer published any articles that are understanding of and favourable to the challenges that fathers face within our legal system?
  5. Does the lawyer enjoy the support of a passionate team who have court experience and who are committed to helping fathers preserve and expand relationships with their children?
  6. Has the lawyer written any briefs to the government to support Equal Shared Parenting?
  7. In short, has the lawyer demonstrated an ongoing commitment to fathers’ rights?

You be the judge. Legal conflict is expensive. Before you go down that road, research your options thoroughly.

Actions speak louder than words. Gene C. Colman has been a staunch advocate for fathers’ rights for decades. With his active participation in legislative reform, numerous public speaking engagements and involvement with community groups, Gene C. Colman has demonstrated his passion and dedication to assisting fathers through tough and challenging times.


EQUAL PARENTING INTERNATIONAL INNOVATIONS: EVALUATING MYTHS AND STEREOTYPES – Gene’s article published as part of the conference materials for the 2019 International Conference of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. (Fair Warning: It’s a very long article.)

Gene’s PowerPoint Presentation as part of his seminar at the above conference.

Gene appears on T.V. in support of Equal Shared Parenting

Gene advocates for procedural fairness reforms in our court system.

One of Gene’s blog posts about procedural fairness

Gene has long expressed concern about unfairness in our child support system. Here is a blog post about cancelling child support arrears.

Gene’s c.v. reveals a 44 + years career long commitment to writing about, advocating openly for and publicly speaking about issues that are important to fathers.

Gene is an Advisory Board Member for the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFÉ) and is a frequent and generous contributor to that organization’s important activities.

The people that Gene hires as part of his team are all committed to helping families (and particularly fathers) maintain and expand parent/child relationships.

Gene very publicly shares his philosophy about “Fathers’ Rights”. (It’s approximately a four to five minute read.)

Contact Gene C. Colman today as the first step to move forward with a team dedicated to the parent/child relationship.

Ontario Dads’ Rights Lawyer

At Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre, we aim to transform the family justice system and advance men’s rights throughout the country. Equal parenting rights should exist for both mothers and fathers in Canada, and we will continue fighting until equality is achieved. Too often, during a divorce, one parent turns a child against the other. This unfortunate but common occurrence is known as parental alienation. Our lawyers strive to put an end to the battle — for the sake of the children.

Sadly, many separated dads and divorced dads become disenfranchised and are forced to go through an emotional, stressful fight in order to stay in contact with their children. Some are subjected to false abuse allegations, others experience chronic depression and many are stripped of their assets beyond reason.

If you are a single dad seeking child custody and access, obtain legal counsel from a top Toronto fathers’ rights lawyer. To learn more about retaining Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre, please review our consultation procedure and contact us today for more information and to schedule a meeting with a team that is ready to work hard for you.

Fathers’ Rights Article by Gene C. Colman

An Introduction to Fathers’ Rights

See our Blog Post about breastfeeding and fathers’ time with their kids.

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