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Toronto Child Custody Lawyers

When a marriage or relationship between two parents breaks down, typically one parent is left devastated, fighting to remain in contact with his or her child. Many times, it is the father whom the court does not favour. The legal proceedings and events that follow can affect you and your child for the rest of your lives. As a father of seven children and grandfather of many, Gene C. Colman understands the gravity of child custody and access matters.

If you are concerned about losing your right to spend time with your children, speak to a knowledgeable family lawyer. Though some lawyers may tell you that you have no choice but to comply with the default custody and access arrangements, exceptions to the standard can be made in certain cases.

Until I sought the legal counsel of Mr. Colman, I was unable to gain the amount of access to my child that I wanted, but after retaining Mr. Colman I quickly had the results I needed.
Chris – Pickering, Ont.

Contact Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre to learn about how we can fight for your right to an equal parenting arrangement.

Ontario Child Visitation Law Firm

We welcome those who are just starting out with the legal process and those who want to ensure that they are able to remain a part of their children’s lives. We also welcome those who seek a second objective opinion with respect to their case. Some clients come to us as a last resort. They have tried everything to obtain child access, commonly referred to as visitation, and equal parenting rights. They are frustrated, angry and frightened of losing their children. Now matter what stage your case is at, we at the Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre know how important it is to have frequent contact with your child. Seeing your child once every second weekend is simply not enough time to sustain a strong relationship and prevent parental alienation.

If you are being denied overnight access to your infant child, do not assume that this is correct, just, fair, or in your infant’s best interests. Establishing strong bonds with your young child from the outset is important in the eyes of some judges.

If you are disappointed with the system or you just want to protect your kids’ rights to have a decent relationship with you, then contact our Toronto child custody lawyers to arrange a consultation. We are active in the fathers’ rights movement and we are committed to achieving optimal results for every client.

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