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Understanding Your Financial Obligation To Your Child

For over 40 years, the Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre has provided Toronto residents dedicated family law representation. This includes regularly assisting mothers and fathers in establishing and modifying child support agreements. Located in Toronto, our law firm diligently pursues your interests to arrive at the best possible result. Our goal is to put the needs of the child first.

Gene stressed that he wanted what was best for the children, while at the same time gaining a fair and equitable solution to the conflict.
Dave – Toronto, Ont.

Extensive Understanding Of The Child Support Guidelines

Ontario child support calculations are generally a reflection of the support payor’s income. Your income generally determines what base or “table amount” you are obligated to pay. These calculations also take into consideration the number of children you have. But while the Child Support Guidelines provide direction regarding payments, deviations sometimes are necessary. Special circumstances sometimes change things.

There are exceptions to the general every day scheme of the Child Support Guidelines concerning unique custody and access situations. Also, special rules regarding payments are applicable when it comes to equal access time. These rules include the evaluation of special and extraordinary expenses, also known as “section 7 expenses”.

Gene C. Colman is a respected authority concerning child support issues. His critique of the child support system has led to changes in the interpretation of child support laws. He and his skilled team understand how to negotiate effectively on your behalf.

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