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Colman’s Bill C-560 Page

Bill C-560 – A Rebuttle Presumption in Favour of Equal Shared Parenting

Unfortunately, the Bill did not achieve a majority vote in the House of Commons (May 28, 2014).


While Bill C-560 did not pass 2nd reading in Canada’s Parliament, there are still exciting things happening world wide when it comes to legislative reform and research with respect to having a rebuttable presumption in favour of equal shared parenting. Click here for more details.

Gene C. Colman urges everyone to contact their Member of Parliament to express support for Bill C-560

Lawyers for Shared Parenting Press Release – 13 April 2014 – Lawyers Say Canadian Bar Association is Mistaken

Myths versus Facts Regarding Bill C-560 – from Lawyers for Shared Parenting, Leading Women for Shared Parenting and Canadian Equal Parenting Council

Leading Women for Shared Parenting has some excellent links to current research.

Gene C. Colman speaks out for equal shared parenting:

Bill C-560 Text of the Bill

Read the debate in Parliament

Facebook page to support the Bill

Canadian Association for Equality’s Bill C-560 page – Contains sample letter to send to your M.P.

Visit the Canadian Equal Parenting Council web site for some astonishing information about the struggle to have this Bill passed.

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