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Children’s Issues In Family Law

In family law cases involving children, the stakes are very high. It is important not to lose sight of the young people at the centre of the issue and to work toward ensuring that their best interests are protected.

At Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre, we vigorously advocate on behalf of parents and caregivers looking to preserve the relationships they have with their children. We help clients in Toronto, Ontario find solutions that reflect their goals and endeavour to resolve complex family disputes creatively and strategically. Under no circumstances will we adopt a position that is contrary to children’s best interests.

Defending A Child’s Right To A Loving Relationship With Both Parents

The way that legal proceedings unfold can affect your children for the rest of their lives. That is why it is critical to ensure that you do things right the first time. Our family law team is committed to pursuing meaningful solutions relating to:

As one of Ontario’s leading family lawyers, Gene C. Colman and his team are well-equipped to advocate for you, regardless of how complex your case may be.

A Strong Advocate Of Equal Parenting

Irrespective of the reasons behind family conflict or dispute, the wellbeing of the children comes first. We firmly believe in the importance of protecting a child’s right to a relationship with both parents and work diligently to pursue the best possible outcome.

Gene C. Colman is a respected legal author who has penned numerous articles on children’s issues in family law. With his extensive breadth of knowledge and strong advocacy for equal parenting and procedural fairness, he endeavours to provide both strong legal advocacy and peace of mind.

Office of Children’s Lawyer (OCL)

Not everyone is a fan of the OCL. We present here an article from Vern Beck of Court Watch. Vern criticizes the OCL social workers who have not maintained their professional registration with the provincial College. Vern attaches other resources where we see real people express their frustrations with the OCL. You may agree or you may disagree with Vern. Either way, there is plenty food for thought here.

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