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About Our Team

At our law firm, our lawyers will identify the best legal solutions for your unique circumstances. We find effective solutions to parenting and children’s issues, spousal support obligations, and property division – including complex and high value assets.

We understand that a divorce proceeding will end, but contact over children’s issues will continue for many years. We seek to find a resolution that enables you and your children to move forward with comfort and dignity.

A Leader In Family Law Practice

Gene C. Colman has been practising family law since 1979. He founded the “Canadian Journal of Family Law,” a national academic journal that publishes articles on a variety of family law matters. He is sought out by various media and legal organizations for his keen insights and opinions gained over 44 years of advocacy in family law that started even when he was a law student.

When you meet with Gene C. Colman, he listens to you as you describe your situation, and develops customized legal strategies to protect what matters most to you. Learn more about the consultation process at Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre.

The facts in my case were more complex than usual. My case was taken by Mr. Colman in a creative and skilled manner ensuring that the other party was forced to respond, and accept that there was a case to be answered.
H.B. – New South Wales, Australia

Advocacy Inside And Outside The Courtroom

As a proud father of seven children, and grandfather to many, and with over 44 years of family law experience, he understands the special bonds children have with each parent. He advocates that both dads and moms should be able to parent their children. Unless a child is in danger of harm, he believes that every child has the right to enjoy a loving relationship with each parent.

Gene C. Colman has been very active within the movement to change federal parenting laws in favour of equal parenting principles. Along with several other advocates, he worked tirelessly towards securing an amendment to federal Bill C-78, so that the revised Divorce Act might have included a rebuttable presumption for equal shared parenting. Alas, the entrenched powers strongly resisted the movement for sensitive law reform that would have likely improved the lives of Canadian children and their parents. Still, the movement for reform continues. Read more about Colman’s law reform work here.

At Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre, we provide clients in Ontario with trusted legal counsel in a wide range of family legal matters. Our extensive experience has provided us with a reputation of excellence throughout Ontario.

To learn more about our firm, please review the profiles below:

Come In. Sit Down. Tell Us About Your Situation.

We listen. We strategize. We ask you very direct and frank questions. We endeavour to get “to the bottom line” as quickly as possible.

We provide you with legal options that protect your legal rights and financial interests, and make sense for you and your family. Call Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre at 888-389-3099 or send us an email using our online form.

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