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Property Division: Protect Your Legal Rights After A Separation Or Divorce

You may have amassed a great deal of wealth over the course of your relationship. Whatever you have accumulated, you may need to fight to protect it during divorce or separation proceedings.

At Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre, our lawyers have helped individuals fight for their legal rights and financial interests regarding ownership of businesses, real estate and financial accounts. Based in Toronto, Ontario, our firm offers a customized legal approach to protecting the assets and property that matter most to you.

Ending A Relationship Doesn’t Mean You Lose Everything

If one partner owns a business, does the other spouse get a share of the profits gained over the course of the relationship when they separate? If both couples own a business together, how do you calculate the value of the business? How does the Ontario Business Corporation Act intersect with family law statutes and rules?

At Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre, our legal team will assist you with finding the right answers to these questions based on your unique situation. We will guide you through issues involving:

Legal Protection You Can Count On

Gene C. Colman leverages over 40 years of family law experience to guide clients towards solutions that matter to them. He assists with gathering all of the pertinent facts, consults with external valuation professionals, and develops customized solutions that protect your hard-earned assets and wealth.

When it comes to protecting your property, our family lawyers will identify:

  • What meets the criteria for “asset” and “liability” within the meaning of the Ontario Family Law Act
  • What assets can be excluded from equalization calculations
  • How a value is applied to an asset

Arrange A Consultation Today

Find out how you can protect the assets you acquired over the course of your relationship. Call Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre at 888-389-3099 or arrange a meeting to using our online contact form.

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