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We have concluded our Spring/Summer Webinars for now

We have been very proud to present a series of webinars in cooperation with the following organizations:

Alienated Grandparents Anonymous Brayden Supervision Services
Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) Canadian Equal Parenting Council
Cangrands National Kinship Support Equal Parenting for Children
Grandparents Without Access Hamilton Lawyers for Shared Parenting
Real Women of Canada Side by Side Supervised Access Services

and in support of the North York Harvest Food Bank


  • Since the launch of our COVID-19 web page, we have received many virus related inquiries and we continue to receive such inquiries.
  • We are listening. We hear your concerns.
  • Our Covid-19 webinar, held on 2 April 2020, canvassed the parenting / scheduling issues that we face during these exceptional times.
  • Links to this popular webinar:
  • On April 23rd, we conducted our Parental Alienation Webinar. You can watch it by clicking the link below and you can also access the Powerpoint where the notes at the bottom of the slides will give you the references.

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