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Law Reform: Equal Rights & Responsibilities For Parents

2022 Poll shows huge support for Equal Shared Parenting. 77% of Canadians support a rebuttable presumption for Equal Shared Parenting. 12% were unsure. Only 10% were opposed.

Bill C-78: A Rebuttable Presumption In Favour Of Equal Shared Parenting Needs To Be Added

Gene C. Colman is a family lawyer who pursues resolutions that enable both parents and their children to move forward with comfort and dignity following a separation or divorce. He strongly believes that both fathers and mothers should be able to parent their children, and that every child has the right to enjoy a loving relationship with each parent.

This passion can be seen in equal measure through Gene C. Colman’s advocacy for changes within the federal Divorce Act. He is very involved with submissions to Parliament with respect to their reform Bill.

Why Support The Idea of Equal Shared Parenting?

Children should not be fought over like property. However, it often feels this way when parents argue over custody and parenting issue. This argument can be lengthy, expensive, and work against the best interests of the child. Gene C. Colman aims to change this situation in divorce and separation proceedings through the advancement of proposed revisions to Bill C-78.

With a presumption of equal shared parenting as the default measure for custody and parenting issues, parents can avoid spending time and money on fighting cases of disproportionate parenting time. The paradigm shift will also move the conversation away from parenting rights, and more into how to meet the best interests of the child.

Gene C. Colman’s Presentation to the 56th Annual International Conference of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Toronto, 31 May 2019

Gene C. Colman is no stranger to legal writing. Elsewhere at this website you can review and in some cases link to his legal articles. Gene C. Colman along with LL.M. graduate, George W. Piskor, has produced a rare work of extensive scholarship to supplement the “shared parenting” academic literature. They jointly authored a lengthy article that was included in the conference materials for the AFCC 56th Annual International Conference. The article reviews the arguments against Equal Shared Parenting and juxtaposes those contra arguments against the “pro” ESP arguments that are supported by extensive social science research.

Colman also conducted a well-attended workshop supported by a Powerpoint presentation on 31 May 2019. In attendance were judges, lawyers, psychologists and social workers. The title of both the paper and the workshop was: EQUAL PARENTING INTERNATIONAL INNOVATIONS: EVALUATING MYTHS AND STEREOTYPES.

You may read the lengthy paper (with footnotes and copious references) HERE. You may access the Powerpoint HERE .

Advocacy For Equal Shared Parenting

A previous Bill was C-560. Unfortunately, the Bill did not achieve a majority vote in the House of Commons (May 28, 2014).

While Bill C-560 did not pass 2nd reading in Canada’s Parliament, there are still exciting things happening world wide when it comes to legislative reform and research with respect to having a rebuttable presumption in favour of equal shared parenting. Click here for more details.

Learn More About Your Parental Rights.

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Gene C. Colman Speaks Out For Equal Shared Parenting:

Important Information Regarding The Previously Proposed Bill

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