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Children’s Aid Societies – Child Custody Cases Gone Wild

Child custody cases are heart-wrenching. Child custody cases with child protection authorities can be even worse. Do you know that kids were abused in native residential schools?  Federal authorities and religious institutions are paying compensation for their negligent and even malevolent treatment foisted upon native children decades ago. With respect to over-grasping and overreaching children protection authorities (children’s aid societies), how will history judge their actions?

C.A.S. child removal can take place on the flimsiest of grounds. Years from now we will look back on CAS’s gone wild. We will ask – how did we ever permit such violations of kids’ rights?

Overly enthusiastic child protection workers with children’s aid societies have been taking children away from their families (we lawyers and judges call it “apprehending”) on the flimsiest of grounds. While there are certain laws in place across Canada to regulate official child removal (in Ontario – Child & Family Services Act), the hard and cold reality is this: Once the C.A.S. has apprehended your child, the first return of the case before court (in Ontario, that takes place within five days of the apprehension) will find the judge to be very reluctant indeed to return the child to the care of the parents. No judge wants to chance to return a child to the parents and then read in the paper that the child was harmed the next day, next week, or next month. Getting your child back right away, is exceptionally difficult (but not impossible depending upon the facts).

In the Colman law practice we have seen time and time again how they snatch kids, threaten to snatch kids, and do tremendous harm as a result of their campaign to expand their active files. There are steps that good parents can take to protect the integrity of their family units. There are even steps that less than optimum parents can take to improve their parenting skills and regain custody of their kids. All you need is a dedicated family lawyer who will leave no stone unturned when discovering the facts and who will comprehensively strategize just how to achieve realistic goals.

Years from now we will look back on Children’s Aid Societies gone wild. We will ask – how did we ever permit such violations of kids’ rights?  How could we as a society have been so blind?

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