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easy divorce

Can a divorce ever be easy?

An “easy” divorce can be an attractive scenario if you are eager to end your marriage and move forward. However, it is a legal process and a major life event, so it may not necessarily be as easy as you would like.

That said, a divorce can be amicable, fair, and straightforward under certain circumstances, making it easier for everyone involved.

It can be amicable

When parties are cooperative and respectful, solving the various divorce-related issues can go much more smoothly. Instead of squaring off against each other in court or battling over every detail, parties who are willing to work together to reach agreements outside of court can have an easier time navigating the process.

If you or your ex would rather fight, the process can become messier and more painful.

Should you need help staying amicable, you can consult your lawyers, mediators or counselors, who can provide critical support and guidance.

It can be fair

Fair can be a subjective term when it comes to a divorce. However, all related matters should be fair in the context of being legally sound. The outcomes should be in line with Canadian and provincial laws, and any that are unfair in your particular situation should be subject to scrutiny.

It is also crucial to note that the legal system should treat parties fairly from a procedural perspective. This means respecting every person’s rights and allowing each party to present their case before the court (if you are in court). If this does not happen, working with a lawyer can help identify unfair treatment and ideally correct the situation.

It can be straightforward

Legal, financial, and personal details can indeed create complications. People might have trouble assessing the value of a business or calculating spousal support; parents can have a hard time figuring out how to best share parenting time and parenting decision-making responsibilities.

You need to take the opportunity to work with professionals with experience and training in these areas. When you get help from qualified others, you can avoid mistakes and setbacks that complicate the divorce.

While there can be challenges in any separation and divorce, it does not have to be a nasty, overly complex experience. Committing to a peaceful process, focusing on fairness, and getting help from others can make this situation easier.

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