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Child support issues any parent could face

After divorce or separation, Canadian laws require both parents to continue to provide for a child financially. Children are entitled to this money, and it can be critical to their well-being. Child support ensures a child receives things like a safe home, clothes, school supplies, and other expenses required to raise a child.

Unfortunately, support arrangements are not always easy to secure or maintain. There are several situations in which child support could create problems.

Common support issues for Ontario parents

Parents who make (or should make) child support payments can face problems including:

  • Missing payments
  • Losing a job and being unable to keep up with support orders
  • Disagreeing with if and how much they should pay
  • Concerns regarding how the receiving parent is using the money
  • Confusion over what, if any, extra costs they should cover

Parents who receive (or should receive) child support payments can struggle with:

  • Collecting unpaid or late support
  • Securing a fair order
  • Needing additional financial support for extraordinary expenses
  • Confirming paternity to seek child support

Resolving child support issues

These matters can affect any parent, regardless of their parenting skills, financial resources and custody arrangements. Should you find yourself dealing with any of these situations, it can be critical to address it right away and get help to resolve it.

Depending on the details of your situation and the type of problem you might be facing, a direct conversation or even a letter from a lawyer could clear things up and get parents on track.

If these efforts are not sufficient, additional actions could include:

Every child in Canada is entitled to financial support from both of their parents. And when support issues arise, they can compromise the resources a child deserves to have. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to address and resolve child support conflicts as soon as possible.

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