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Healthy Father-Daughter Relationship

Exploring the Link Between Well-Being and a Healthy Father-Daughter Relationship 

There are a lot of “daddy’s little girl” stereotypes perpetuated by popular media. However, did you know a strong link exists between a female child’s well-being and fostering a healthy father-daughter relationship? How does the father-daughter dynamic enrich a child’s life, and how can you cultivate a healthy father-daughter relationship post-divorce?

At Gene C Colman Family Law Centre, our legal team is committed to helping you establish and keep healthy parental relationships in your life, post-divorce or separation. Divorce should never break the special bonds between parent and child. 

Is There a Link Between a Woman’s Well-Being and a Healthy Father-Daughter Relationship 

Women have unique emotional, physical, and psychological needs. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercising enough, and engaging in stimulating social interactions are good practices to help women meet these needs. Numerous studies point to these healthy lifestyle habits as the building blocks for strong bodies, minds, and relationships. Yet, what about the power of family dynamics? 

New research indicates that strong father-daughter bonds can improve women’s overall health and well-being. Positive father-daughter relationships may impact the woman’s interpersonal relationships, sexual behaviours, risk-taking behaviours, and obesity. 

Positive Father-Daughter Relationships and Obesity 

From an impressionable age, dads who are interactive with their young daughters may be setting the stage for lifelong healthy behaviours. Fathers who are heavily involved in their daughter’s bedtime and sleep routines as infants and toddlers may be setting their girls up for better and longer sleep. Research shows that girls with involved fathers feel more rested throughout their day.

Getting quality sleep matters. Well-rested children are less likely to be obese during childhood and adolescence. Studies suggest that short sleep duration and sleep patterns may increase the risk of young children becoming obese as they age. Obesity is a growing problem because it contributes to lifelong health complications and medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, joint and soft tissue issues, especially in the knees, insomnia, and sleep apnea. Obesity can also complicate pregnancy and may increase the risk of miscarriage.

Build a solid bedtime routine with your little one by participating in bath time, brushing teeth together, reading bedtime stories, or spending quality time with your daughter before her head hits the pillow. 

Relationships and the Stress-Regulation System 

Positive father-daughter relationships may also help regulate cortisol levels in young girls. Dads tend to engage in “rough” play with children, which can be particularly favorable for young girls. Rough and tumble play can be frightening and stressful for young girls. When feeling stressed, the body responds by raising cortisol levels. However, when dads comfort and support their daughters during rough play, he teaches them how to lower their cortisol levels, balancing the body’s stress regulation system. Some studies show that daughters in college with distant or complicated relationships with their fathers tend to have abnormally high cortisol levels compared to their peers. 

Without stress management outlets, cortisol levels can remain high. Consistently high cortisol levels are consistent with higher blood pressure and stress-related illnesses. High cortisol levels may also increase blood sugar, weight gain, and digestive issues and lead to a weakened or suppressed immune system. 

Other Positive Attributes of a Strong Bond

Finally, being a good father and role model can go a long way in helping to combat eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and other risky behaviours in young women. Young women with good father-daughter relationships tend to binge drink less. They are also less likely to engage in risky sexual behaviours like unprotected sex.  

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