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Dec. 10, 2018-Colman speaks to the House of Commons Justice Committee, Excerpt #3


  • For kids’ benefit, we need to try to thwart from the get go the custody/access wars. We need to remove incentives to strife. No longer should parents need to prove the other unfit in order to “win”. To reduce conflict, the legal system employs presumptions, onuses and burdens of proof. Even C78 proposes relocation presumptions. In 1997 we implemented some strong presumptions in the Federal Child Support Guidelines and succeeded in removing a huge source of conflict. Implementing a presumption for equal shared parenting, that is shared decision making and residential time that is approximately equal – is a progressive and totally child focused reform. It’s not about parents’ rights; it is certainly not about fathers’ rights. It’s all about adopting legal and social policy that is bound to substantially improve the lives of children of divorce.

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Photo of attorneys Kulbir K. Rahal Vaid, Kimberley Pitre, Gene C. Colman, Gloria Antwi and Jennifer Kirshen

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