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Dec. 6, 2018-Colman speaks to the House of Commons Justice Committee, Excerpt #2

Public Opinion Polls:

  • Our Brief at pp. 13 – 15 presents the public opinion polls.
  • Public support for a rebuttable presumption is very consistent and high. Opposition within the Bar is very strong (See Prof. Nick Bala’s Brief and see the C.B.A. Brief). Bill C-78 did not even mention anything approaching ESP; I must therefore ask: Why doth they so vehemently protest?
  • If we adopt the “Lawyers for Shared Parenting” (L4SP) position, you will make a lot of lawyers very unhappy, BUT you will make many Canadians very pleased indeed.
  • Do you choose the lawyers, or do you choose the public? I say: Choose neither! Choose the children! Give the children of divorce the best chance to maintain and strengthen relationships with all their parents (and grandparents). Even with your much applauded change in terminology set out in Bill C78, unless you take the very bold step that I am urging on you here today, the system will continue to pit parents against each other, each trying to prove that he/she was the “primary parent”, each trying to prove that he/she is a “better parent”. It’s time to implement a sea change. It’s time to really make a difference in the lives of Canadian children.

Gene C. Colman, Oral Presentation to The Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, House of Commons, Ottawa, 26 November 2018

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Photo of attorneys Kulbir K. Rahal Vaid, Kimberley Pitre, Gene C. Colman, Gloria Antwi and Jennifer Kirshen

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