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Sept. 26, 2018-Warshak’s 2014 article in favour of significant parenting time by both parents for all children, including infants and toddlers

Warshak, with the review and endorsement of 110 researchers and practitioners, analyzed more than four decades of research and issued a peer-reviewed consensus report on parenting plans for young children. As intended, the report stemmed a tide of misinformation that threatened to resurrect long-discarded myths about child development and enshrine them in professional practice and family law. An Australian investigative journalist found that the report “changed the way courts across the world now deal with such custody matters.” The list of endorsers and their professional accomplishments reflect the widespread acceptance of the consensus report’s findings that favor shared parenting and overnighting for young children under normal circumstances. Nearly four years after its publication, the conclusions and recommendations of the Warshak Consensus Report remain supported by science.

Richard A. Warshak (2017), Stemming the Tide of Misinformation: International Consensus on Shared Parenting and Overnighting, Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, vol. 30, at pp. 216 – 217

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