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July 23, 2018-Joint Physical Custody kids have better outcomes in the area of parental relationships

Moreover, all 30 studies that assessed children’s relationships with their parents and other relatives found better outcomes for the JPC children. Given this, it is highly likely that family income and parental conflict are less closely linked to children’s well-being than the quality of their relationships with their parents, stepparents, and grandparents. As researchers continue to explore the factors that might explain children’s better outcomes in JPC families, it is clear that shared parenting families are on the rise and that children are benefitting from this new family form.

Linda Nielsen (2018): Joint versus sole physical custody: Outcomes for children independent of family income or parental conflict, Journal of Child Custody, DOI: 10.1080/15379418.2017.1422414, at pp 16 – 17.

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