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July 26, 2018-Joint custody is subject to greater scrutiny than other modalities

Prof. Edward Kruk of the University of British Columbia has done extensive research. Let’s have a look at some of his astute observations:

As Kelly (1991) wrote, “It is ironic, and of some interest, that we have subjected joint custody to a level and intensity of scrutiny that was never directed toward the traditional post-divorce arrangement (sole legal and physical custody to the mother and two weekends each month of visiting to the father)” (p. 55), despite mounting evidence that traditional sole custody arrangements were less nurturing and stabilizing for children and families.

Edward Kruk (2018): Arguments Against a Presumption of Shared Physical Custody in Family Law, Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, DOI: 10.1080/10502556.2018.1454201 at pp. 1 -2

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