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March 28, 2019-Benefits of Shared Parenting Can No Longer Be Doubted

A distinguished panel of experts attended the May 2017 International Conference on Shared Parenting. Sanford Braver and Michael Lamb reported on the proceedings.

The beneficial effects are evident across a wide range of measures of children’s well-being, including (a) lower levels of depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction; (b) lower aggression, and reduced alcohol and substance abuse; (c) better school performance and cognitive development; (d) better physical health; (e) lower smoking rates; and (f) better relationships with fathers, mothers, stepparents, and grandparents. Of course, some studies have failed to show such benefits, but almost none show that SP harms children. At worst, there are no significant differences between children with different custody arrangements. The 12 experts agreed that a tipping point had been reached in the research, and that the benefits of SP for most children could no longer be doubted.

Sanford L. Braver & Michael E. Lamb (2018): Shared Parenting After Parental Separation: The Views of 12 Experts, Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, DOI: 10.1080/10502556.2018.1454195, at p. 4

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