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A Recognized Leader In International Divorce Law

Do you reside in the United States or overseas? Do you have a family law case in Ontario? If you are going through an international divorce, you likely have important questions that need to be answered.

At Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre, our scope extends far beyond regional divorce matters. While our office is based in Toronto, Ontario, our extensive experience coupled with our commitment to vigorously advocate on our client’s behalf means that we provide trusted help to families across the globe. We are intimately familiar with the legislation in this area, including conflict of law rules, and know the best steps to take to achieve your goals. We consult with foreign based lawyers as needed.

International Divorce And Children’s Issues: What Parents Need To Know

Making decisions regarding child support, access, and parenting time can become increasingly complicated in an international divorce situation. If your children do not live in Ontario, the province may not have jurisdiction. This means you need to identify what your rights are, where you are. It is also critical to have deep insight into how laws regarding parenting time apply to your situation.

Is your child enrolled in college or university? Unlike Ontario, many American states do not mandate child support for children 18 years or older who are in school. This means that a keen understanding of interjurisdictional support is necessary to fully evaluate your legal responsibilities.

International Child Abduction

In some international divorce cases, abduction is a prime concern, and even reality. For parents who experience cases of international child abduction, working with a lawyer who understands the intricacies of the legal process is imperative. From determining if the case falls under the Hague Abduction Convention to unraveling the complexities of Ontario law, there is no room for error where children are concerned.

Spousal Support And Property Concerns In International Divorce

Were you divorced outside of Canada and are now faced with an Ontario spousal support claim? Do not assume that the Ontario court has jurisdiction. Spousal support awards in Ontario are often higher than in other jurisdictions, making it important to know where you stand.

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