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How to get what is “fair” in a family law dispute

The notion of what, exactly, is a “fair” result in a family law dispute can be different for any given person and based on the facts of any given case. Family law disputes are very different from many other areas of the law because of the deeply personal issues at stake and the resultant emotional reactions that can be involved. It is through that lens that individuals and families view whether or not they received a fair result.

An Ontario divorce can be the “umbrella” issue for many family law issues. It starts with the decision of a couple to end their marriage, but several family law dispute issues in that process must be addressed. If the divorcing couple has children, the issues are compounded and the case can become even more complex.

When children are involved in a divorce the couple must find a resolution for the issues of child custody and child support. Those issues are in addition to property division and alimony issues, which almost all divorcing couples must also address, whether or not they have children.

Of course, a family law dispute does not just involve divorcing couples. These days there are plenty of people who have children together when they were never married. That can lead to disputes about paternity, in addition to addressing child custody and child support.

At our law firm, we work with our clients to attempt to help them achieve their goal of what is “fair.” That result can look different for any given person. For more information about how we attempt to help, please visit the family law overview section of our law firm’s website.

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