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Aug. 27, 2018-Advantages of Equal Shared Parenting summed up

A true legal presumption of shared parental responsibility would grant both parents equal decision-making authority and equal or nearly equal parenting time as their shared child care responsibility.

In keeping with current research, a shared parenting presumption maximizes the involvement of both parents.

A legal presumption of shared parenting establishes an expectation that the former partners are of equal status before the law in regard to their parental rights and responsibilities, and conveys to children the message that their parents are of equal value as parents.

Shared parenting replaces the discretionary best interests standard with a child-focused, evidence-based best interests of the child from the perspective of the child approach.

Edward Kruk (2018): Arguments Against a Presumption of Shared Physical Custody in Family Law, Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, DOI: 10.1080/10502556.2018.1454201 at page 10.

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