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Do’s and Don’ts of a CAS Apprehension of Your Child

Where there is a perceived threat to the health, safety, or well being of a child, the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) has the legal right to apprehend a child – ie. remove the child from the care of the parent or other guardian. If you are concerned about a possible apprehension, read the guidelines for apprehension management below and immediately contact a lawyer to obtain further guidance.

DOs During CAS Apprehension of Your Child

DO try to remain calm. Take a couple of deep breaths. You will be able to take steps to manage this situation as soon as they leave. For now, you need to remain calm for your child’s sake.

DO advise the worker of any urgent or daily medical care your child needs;

DO tell the worker you would like a minute to find your child’s favourite toy and send your child with a comforting item;

Do ensure that you ask for the contact information of the worker so you can schedule visits with your child;

DO respond to your child’s questions. If you don’t know the answers, affirm that it is a good question, and you will work at finding the answer and let him or her know;

DO tell your child you love him or her, and that you will be doing your best to make sure you will see him or her as soon as possible;

DON’T During CAS Apprehension of Your Child

DON’T escalate the situation by crying or screaming;

DON’T threaten the worker in any way or discuss your ideas of how to handle this (i.e. no talk about you trying to go above the worker’s head and get him or her fired, no talk about suing the CAS, no talk about going to the media);

DON’T challenge the worker as to his or her educational qualifications, right to be doing this work, or his or her right to be in your home;

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