How your online behaviours can affect your real-world divorce

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Turning to social media and other online communities during tough times like divorce is not unusual. However, when you go online, knowing that what you say and do in the digital world can affect your real-world divorce is crucial.

Inaccurate statements

For some, it’s comforting to make their lives seem different on social media, whether that means making themselves look happier, wealthier or more exciting than they are in reality.

However, if you say something online that conflicts with something you said in mediation, court or legal documents, that inaccuracy could cast doubt on your character and the veracity of your statements. You could even be accused of lying under oath.

Communications with your ex

Whether you chat online, send a DM or comment on their latest posts, communicating with your ex online can create problems. If your ex is not okay with you contacting them, they could accuse you of criminal harassment or abuse.

Furthermore, it is incredibly easy to save and share things you write online. If you aren’t careful, others could use your statements against you to make you look angry or vindictive; your ex could also use them to get leverage in negotiations.

Problematic pictures

A picture paints a thousand words, right? So, the pictures you post of you on vacation, partying with friends or buying a fancy new watch can say a lot more than you think they do. 

Pictures on social media could make it appear like you have excessive spending habits or are engaging in irresponsible behaviours. Again, remember that your ex can use the things you post online against you.

Online dating

For many people, online dating is a relatively easy way to get back out there after splitting. However, if your ex is angry or hurt or your kids are struggling with your divorce, evidence that you are dating other people can trigger serious reactions and big emotions.

Being discreet – especially when you are still going through a divorce – is often wise when you start dating again.

Some Final Thoughts

Whether you go online seeking a distraction, support or information, beware that the things you say and do online could come back to haunt you. Keeping this in mind helps you avoid critical missteps; if you are still worried, consider taking a step back from social media until after the divorce.  And above all else, never never say anything about your case online.  It will come back to haunt you.

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