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An app could help with a divorce case

An Ontario divorce is such a life-altering event for most people that they spend quite a bit of time, both before and during the divorce process, looking for answers to the many questions they have. From the decision to get divorced, to how to get the case started, to how to get a fair result — the questions that can come up in any given case can seem endless.

So, like with so many other issues in our lives, there is an application or “app” that might help with a divorce case? A recent news article noted a number of online sources that might provide support or information for those who are either contemplating a divorce or who are in the middle of the divorce process.

It’s Over Easy and Wevorce

For starters, a couple of sites, known as “It’s Over Easy” and “Wevorce,” provide information from a start-to-finish perspective on divorce, according to a recent article. Both sites were reportedly created by attorneys.


From there, a site known as, “Divorceify,” reportedly offers the ability to match a user’s questions with more specific recommendations. Lastly, one common blog site, known as, “Hello Divorce,” reportedly attempts to offer straightforward information and the overall process.


The recent article and the apps mentioned above are American.  Sites tailored for the Canadian experience are rare.  But do consider Come to Agreement for tools that assist clients and lawyers. And the popular Canadian Divorcemate company has an online support calculator along with a wealth of uniquely Canadian information tidbits on a very large variety of Canadian family law issues.

Of course, with a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips with smartphones and the internet, it is easy these days to get general information about almost any topic, divorce included. However, anyone who is contemplating a move toward a divorce may benefit from getting more specific information about how the process will play out in their unique situation.

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