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Civility During Divorce Proceedings

Sometimes it can be difficult to remain calm during divorce proceedings. The reason for the divorce, whether it was an affair, poor financial decisions or whatever the case may be, generally does not have a major impact when a couple is dividing their shared assets.

However, the feelings behind the grounds for divorce may sometimes show themselves during negotiations. The effects of these raised feelings may not create the best atmosphere for the separating couple, and it’s possible the negotiations may not turn out the way either party had hoped.

A recent article in the National Post outlined the divorce story of a very wealthy family. Both parties to the marriage walked away with millions in the end, but the divorce also resulted in destroyed relationships. The father could not see his children unless the children reached out, and a stipulation existed that a chaperone needed to be present on such visits. The husband was also restricted from being near his ex-wife.

These outcomes resulted from a lot of in-fighting between the spouses, with some of the altercations resulting in physical fights. The wife threw a cup and a phone at the husband at one point, and the husband had allegedly assaulted her during an argument.

While they were able to successfully divide marital assets, their family relationships were ruined. The important takeaway from the article is that hurt feelings may interfere with negotiations. Negatively talking about your ex on social media, posting hurtful pictures and even discussing negative traits with your children may impact your ability to co-parent, have access or receive joint custody with your children.

If there are unresolved issues with your ex, it’s best to discuss with a legal professional how to address them. He or she will be able to tell you what works in your best interests, what doesn’t, and what the legal ramifications will be should you pursue certain options.

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