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Divorce Approach

“Collaborative”: A Customized Divorce Approach with Durable Solutions

Jenny Kirshen authored this blog post.

Collaborative divorce is becoming an increasingly popular option for couples seeking to end their marriage peacefully and respectfully. It is a process that allows couples to work together with the help of trained professionals to reach a Settlement Agreement that meets the needs and goals of both parties. In this blog post, we will explore why the Collaborative Divorce Process as a successful alternative to Court, and why it could very well result in more durable agreements.

Unlike traditional divorce litigation, where a couple hires lawyers and goes to court to resolve their issues, the Collaborative Divorce Process involves a team approach, where both parties work together with a team of professionals to resolve their disputes. The team typically includes a lawyer for each spouse, a neutral mental health professional (called the Family Professional), and a neutral financial expert (called the Financial Professional). This Professional team works collaboratively to help the couple reach a Settlement Agreement.

The Process is focused on cooperation and finding common ground. It is a process that encourages open communication and mutual respect, which can help reduce conflict and tension.

Another reason why collaborative divorce is a successful alternative to Court is that it often results in a durable result – the Final Separation Agreement. In Court, a judge imposes a legally binding decision upon a family, but that decision may not be a decision that is best for the couple, their children, and their unique circumstances. In contrast, the Collaborative Divorce Process allows the couple to work together, with the assistance of trained professionals, to create a Settlement Agreement that meets their specific needs and goals. This can lead to a more customized and personalized Agreement that is more likely to be followed and honored by both parties.

If you are considering divorce, you may want to explore the Collaborative Divorce Process as a divorce approach to end your marriage peacefully and respectfully.

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